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The Journey Towards
Digital Transformation
success story

Grupo Monge sought to take the experience to a higher level with a comprehensive customer-centered vision and streamlining marketing processes.

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Boost customer interaction and provide them with an unparalleled experience.
  • Boost purchase intent.
  • Personalize the experience according to the user.
  • Improve the shopping experience.
  • Increase campaign creation.
  • Generate audiences.
  • Increase open rate.
Grupo Monge solidifies its regional leadership through the creation of personalized experiences.

The journey towards digital transformation.

Grupo Monge is an electronics company with several years of experience leading the market. Founded in 1974 in Costa Rica, the company has grown in recent years, achieving significant expansion in Central America. The Costa Rican giant aims to transform and deliver the best market experience based on a holistic view of its customers, proper segmentation, and personalized communication. The focus of this goal would be prioritized in the regions of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Better e-commerce platform, better shopping experience.

While their coverage of physical stores in Central America has been extensive and well-known, after a comprehensive digital transformation process aimed at evolving according to market demands, Grupo Monge has positioned itself as a leader in e-commerce in the retail sector.

In Grupo Monge, digital transformation is a fundamental pillar of their strategy. That's why one of their main priorities was to revolutionize their e-commerce not only in Costa Rica but also in the region.

A range of possibilities with Adobe Experience Cloud.

Digital transformation in companies is a significant challenge. In Grupo Monge, a business unit with a regional team was implemented to support the various marketing departments in each country in executing all campaigns through Adobe. This way, they avoid disrupting the daily work of those teams and combine efforts to support the scalable optimization of these processes. When implementing Adobe Experience Cloud, Grupo Monge used 5 of the solutions that the platform offers: Adobe Commerce, Adobe Analytics Select, Adobe Audience, Adobe Campaign Standard, and Adobe Target.

Beyond data analysis

Adobe Analytics Select provides Grupo Monge with tools to turn large flows of data from their website into information that everyone can use. This allows the company to receive data from any channel and manage everything under one platform to provide real-time information based on customer insights through a 360-degree profile.

In this way, Grupo Monge can enhance the Customer Journey of its customers by improving purchase intent and showing them what they want at the moment they desire.

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Tailored results

Grupo Monge managed to increase its numbers in various aspects, and its online interface allowed it to expand its e-commerce to more regions in Central America. The shopping experience improved, as well as purchase intent and customer loyalty, thanks to Adobe Experience Cloud and the partner Omni.Pro.


Rise of the add to cart rate.


Boot of the check out rate.


Improve of the click to open rate, it used to be 8%, now days is above 18%.


Increase in Average Order Value through personalized recommendations.

The volume and campaign creation multiplied by 3X.

The creation of audiences multiplied by 4X.

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A strategic ally.

For Grupo Monge, OMNI.PRO has been vital as a partner throughout the omnichannel transformation process, accompanying them at every stage of the project to continually improve the customer experience.

Prior to the Adobe implementation, Grupo Monge had more traditional processes for gathering customer data, but now with a centralized platform, they can create profiles and segmentations to reach each customer and understand their needs.

Previously, it took Grupo Monge a considerable amount of time to approach a customer, but now they can do so much more quickly with a much more precise personalized experience, thus avoiding generating mass communications where the customer doesn't feel identified with what is being offered to them.

A limitless future.

With Adobe Experience Cloud technology on their side, Grupo Monge has a greater competitive advantage. Among the highlighted benefits is the increased ability to address needs as they arise and the diversification of customer experience options with possibilities such as assisted sales, quotations, dropshipping, marketplace, etc. All of this from a single platform without having to integrate various providers or technologies separately.

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About Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe Experience Cloud is a collection of integrated applications and services in the first platform specifically designed to create unparalleled customer experiences. It provides you with the most comprehensive tools to gather information, content, interaction, and more.

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