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success story

Panafoto, in partnership with OMNI.PRO & Adobe Experience Cloud, successfully launched a new sales channel focused on a robust user experience. Additionally, the integration with their inventory, ERP, CRM, and tools such as in-store purchase and doorstep delivery solidified the success of their primary goal, omnichannel commerce.

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Maximize Panafoto's digital presence to drive growth and regional expansion through an enhanced omnichannel experience.
  • Unify online and physical sales with flexible delivery options.
  • Optimize website navigation and usability.
  • Implement tools for dynamic and autonomous marketing strategies.
  • Adapt Panafoto's pricing negotiation model to the online environment.
  • Expand Panafoto's reach to new regional markets, increasing sales and traffic.
The beginning of success

In search of expert assistance for the existing

Panafoto was looking to establish a new sales channel, so they decided to create the website with a different provider than Adobe Commerce. However, the results were not as expected, the site did not meet their expectations, and the analytics were discouraging. From there, the e-commerce team led by Sheren Chatlani decided to research other technologies and found Adobe Experience Cloud to be the perfect provider. During the migration phase, the OMNI.PRO team (an Enterprise-level partner of Adobe Experience Cloud) was a great ally.

The success of version 2.0.

In mid-2018, the version 2 of the Panafoto website was launched, and the customer adoption was incredible. Although they faced challenges such as the low usage of credit cards in Panama and the Panamanian habit of wanting to see things before buying, turned out to be a huge success.

Panafoto, and OMNI.PRO as partners.

They managed to give a fresh air to a new sales channel focused on a solid user experience. In addition, the connection with their inventory, ERP, CRM, and tools like in-store purchase and doorstep delivery consolidated the success of their first objective, omnichannel.

The enablement of a Page Builder.

It now allows them to create new marketing strategies and make any changes to the look and feel without the need for a developer, enabling them to respond quickly to any contingencies. Overall, the Adobe Commerce platform fits the business needs of Panafoto through flexibility, ease of use, and high scalability.

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The statistics reflect the success of the project with Adobe Commerce.

For Panafoto, not only was omnichannel achieved as expected.


Grow in website traffic.


Increase in conversion rate.


Increase in sales.

Award for the best e-Commerce in the country in 2019.

After two years online, Panafoto's success is not only reflected in the omnichannel experience it offers to its customers but also in the recognition it received in 2019 when it won the award for the best e-commerce in the country, positioning the company as one of the most innovative in the market.

Vision to thefuture.

There is still a long way to go, in the short term wants to reach 7 more countries in the region through a B2C and B2B offering, a project they are confident will be fully completed by the end of 2020 with the help of Adobe Experience Cloud and OMNI.PRO.

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