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Global Bank and defining the future of banking loyalty in Panama.

Driving loyalty experiences in the banking sector in Panama.

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Gl0bal 3-05-02
Increase in total purchases.

Global Bank.

As a leader in the banking sector in Panama, Global Bank faced a significant challenge over eight years ago: standing out in a competitive credit card market. At that time, online purchases were not as predominant as they are now, and Global Bank sought to innovate by not only offering online banking services but also enhancing the value of its loyalty program, Puntos Link.

Development of the Solution:

To address this need, Global Bank created, an e-commerce platform that is an integral part of the benefits of its credit cards. This initiative offered customers a new way to use their accumulated points, allowing them to purchase a wide range of products and services, including travel options such as airline tickets and hotel reservations, all accessible online.

Efective solutions
Unique experiences

Focus on Customer Experience.

From the beginning, Global Bank focused on understanding and satisfying the needs of its customers. They conducted market studies and usability testing to refine the offering of, ensuring that the platform was intuitive and user-centered.

Alliance with OMNI.PRO.

To ensure quality and innovation, Global Bank partnered with OMNI.PRO, a company with experience in e-commerce. This collaboration allowed them to enhance the platform, not only in terms of design and navigability but also in expanding their product catalog, surpassing 10,000 items.

Increase in Loyalty.

The loyalty program strengthened significantly. Attractive offers and promotions, such as discounts on high-demand products and exclusive access to events, resulted in a 50% increase in point redemption on the site.

Customer Satisfaction

In 2022, it was observed that 68% of customers were repeat customers, with an average of 2 products per order.

Increase in total purchases.

Total purchases increased by 28%, with an average NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 8.6, reflecting high customer satisfaction and the likelihood of customers recommending the service.

Future Vision
Global Bank, together with Omni Pro, has not only managed to differentiate itself in the Panamanian market but has also set a new standard in the online shopping experience. The platform is a testament to how customer-oriented innovation can transform a traditional financial service into a comprehensive and modern experience.
Looking to the future, Global Bank is committed to continuing to evolve with its customers, staying at the forefront of technology and market trends, ensuring that the online shopping experience is not just a trend but an accessible, easy, and secure lifestyle for all its users.
This case highlights the importance of listening to and adapting to customer needs, a philosophy that Global Bank has incorporated into all its initiatives, maintaining its motto "People First."
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Discover how we transformed online shopping with in this success story. Innovation and customer service in action with Global Bank!