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greasing the
digital experiences

Indumotora managed to position itself as a leader in digital experiences thanks to the enterprise solutions of Adobe Experience Cloud.

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Drive customer interaction and provide them with an unparalleled experience.
  • Implementation of a user-friendly and up-to-date interface that facilitates navigation and the shopping experience.
  • Enhancing the purchase process to make it more comprehensive and enriching.
  • Strengthening the management of digital assets, allowing for more precise segmentation and personalization.
Indumotora: Greasing the Digital experiences

Indumotora: Unique experiences

Indumotora is a company dedicated to the distribution of automobiles, trucks, and buses with over 60 years of experience in Chile. It has represented KIA for over 30 years in the country. With around 500 employees, it has a wide network of dealerships at various sales points, as well as services and spare parts. Additionally, it has its own retail branch: Indumotora One, providing unique and exciting experiences to its consumers. Their strong commitment to quality and innovation has allowed the company to position itself as one of the leaders in the automotive sector in Chile. In recent years, Indumotora has reinforced its commitment to digital transformation.

The digital connection between the customer and the product.

For Indumotora, the customer and the car converge in the digital world. Faced with the emergence of new technologies and evolving customer expectations, the company identified the need for a modern and stable digital environment. They aimed not only to inform but also to connect with the aspirations and needs of their users.

With the goal of providing an unparalleled experience to their customers, the company invested in a digital transformation, developed with the support of OMNI.PRO and the tools of Adobe Experience Cloud.

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The top goal: To improve the customer experience.

The first step was to stablish a bold digital eco-system, boosting the interaction and improving the customer experience. This is how we made it happen:

  • Increase interactions across all digital channels.
  • Reduce incidents to achieve quicker and more effective responses.
  • Develop a user-friendly and up-to-date interface, making navigation and access to crucial information easier.
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This is how the digital transformation started.

Indumotora's digital transformation journey has been challenging. They aimed to create a digital ecosystem that offers an innovative, personalized, and omnichannel customer experience. In this process, they completely revamped the website, which is the most important brand for Indumotora in Chile. The new site, built on current technologies and design trends, provides a more intuitive and engaging user experience.

A great road!

Indumotora's digital transformation demonstrates the potential of technology to enhance the customer experience. Through a new digital platform and the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions implemented by OMNI.PRO, they have created an omnichannel ecosystem that provides a highly personalized customer experience.

"The work carried out in collaboration with our partner OMNI.PRO makes us feel that we are in a position to further segment and personalize our content, enhancing the concept of closeness to our brand's customers," added Isidora Escudero, CX Projects Manager. She also states that the next step is to integrate all of Indumotora's businesses into this recently constructed digital ecosystem.

Indumotora's digital success story illustrates how technology can be a catalyst for improving the customer experience. Through innovation and commitment, they have designed a digital ecosystem that offers a modern, personalized, and omnichannel experience, serving as inspiration for companies looking to enhance their customer relationships.

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+200 new digital assets.

Utilization of over 200 classified digital assets, in addition to the recording of more than 30 new metrics.

Creation and automation.

In content publishing processes.

Consolidated asset management.

For various teams and customer touchpoints.

Digital Exploration.

Now you can explore the cars anywhere/anytime.

Vehicle carbon footprint.

Understanding other product attributes such as the vehicle's carbon footprint and its environmental impact.

Experience a new purchasing process.

Experience a more comprehensive and enriching purchasing process.