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Success Story

the taste.
Success Story

Alpina understands the needs of its customers, optimizes its work processes, and offers a more direct experience with consumers.

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Develop a website that offers better digital experiences.
  • Direct engagement with its consumers to provide better experiences and anticipate their needs.
  • Strengthening of the technological ecosystem that increased the company's value and market presence.
  • Enhancement of e-commerce capabilities leading to increased sales and higher conversion rates.
Alpina: Digitizing the taste

Placing the customer at the center of the strategy

The project began with a deep focus on research and understanding of the end user. OMNI.PRO applied best practices and methodologies to analyze the needs and preferences of Alpina's consumers, thereby enabling the creation of personalized experiences that strengthened loyalty and love for the brand. As Esteban Ocampo, Director of Trade Marketing at Alpina, mentions: “Alpina's vision from the beginning was to put the consumer at the center of the strategy, to understand their needs more and thus offer new platforms with new product portfolios.

Digital transformation begins.

In addition to creating an efficient website, various communication platforms were developed, including "Cocinemos Juntos" (Let's Cook Together) and the "Alpina Moms and Dads Club", focused on generating meaningful experiences for consumers. These platforms not only improved interaction with customers but also became a significant source of information about their needs and preferences.

A new recipe for success.

But digital transformation was not just a matter of technology. Alpina also embarked on a journey of organizational change. The implementation led to a rethinking of the way teams worked together, allowing for the creation of multidisciplinary cells and an agile response to market challenges. This flexibility in the way of working turned out to be a key competitive advantage.

Despite the challenges of changing the way the business operated, OMNI.PRO's approach to effective implementation and interdisciplinary collaboration allowed Alpina to accumulate invaluable experience. This joint effort has had a significant impact on the company's efficiency and its ability to respond to market needs.


Quality tastes like Alpina.

The results of the collaboration with OMNI.PRO exceeded Alpina's expectations. The company achieved significant growth in the impact of its business, which translated into increased sales and the strengthening of the digital channel. A clear example was the launch of Alpilitro, a project that was carried out in record time thanks to the robustness of the new digital ecosystem.

A journey full of learning and flavor

The story of Alpina is also a story of learning. The development of capabilities in e-commerce management was a crucial aspect of the transformation, allowing Alpina not only to compete in a complex channel but also to thrive in it. The collaboration with OMNI.PRO and Adobe was vital in this respect, providing the guidance and support necessary for success.

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The development of capabilities

In e-commerce management was a crucial aspect of the transformation.

The partnership.

OMNI.PRO and Adobe were vital in this respect, providing the necessary guidance and support for success.