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MAVI De Occidente:
Digitizing Experiences
success story

Mavi, a pioneering company in the digitization of new shopping experiences through PWA technology.

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Enhance the customer experience through advanced e-commerce technologies and agile leadership.
  • Implement an advanced and personalized digital shopping experience using modern technologies.
  • Utilize artificial intelligence to create a cohesive and personalized shopping experience across all channels.
  • Accelerate decision-making and foster effective leadership for a successful implementation of the digital strategy.

MAVI de Occidente: Digitizing Experiences

When the pandemic took the world by surprise and lockdowns became one of the mandated measures by governments, the retail sector was one of the most affected. However, companies that had already initiated digital transformation plans in advance managed to mitigate the economic impact by accelerating the implementation of their e-commerce projects. This is the case of MAVI de Occidente, a Mexican company in the retail industry that, in less than a year, achieved significant tangible results.

Digital Transformation and Omnichannel Strategy: The Success Case of MAVI de Occidente in the Post-Pandemic Era.

In 2020, MAVI de Occidente accelerated its e-commerce efforts in response to the changes brought about by the pandemic, starting with the Magento Community platform. Faced with the emergence of new technologies like Progressive Web Apps and the rise of mobile devices and social media, MAVI reimagined its strategy to enhance customer interactions. Leonid Rosas, their Director of Technology, emphasized the importance of an integrated e-commerce vision across all areas of the company, selecting the right technologies and partners to achieve their goals. He highlighted the role of senior management in decision-making and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to align different perspectives within the company. Clear objectives and a precise definition of success were crucial for the project.


Progressive Web Apps as the foundation of the strategy.

Revitalizing Customer Experience: MAVI and Its Bet on Progressive Web Apps in E-commerce.

MAVI de Occidente integrated Progressive Web Apps into its digital transformation, enabling its website to offer an experience similar to a native mobile app. This significantly improved the user experience on mobile devices, which account for more than 80% of traffic to their online stores. Progressive Web Apps facilitate not only navigation but also access to mobile hardware features such as the camera and biometric authentication, enhancing customers' omnichannel experiences.
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Digital transformation begins.

MAVI discovered that while some customers prefer to pay online, others opt for more traditional methods like cash or in-store deposits. To adapt to these diverse needs, MAVI has implemented various payment methods, including its own credit system and the "Click and collect" option. Additionally, with the Adobe Commerce Cloud platform, they improved their dropshipping process, offering a wider range of products, which facilitates informed decision-making by customers. MAVI has also taken steps to assist customers less familiar with online shopping, ensuring an inclusive shopping experience for all types of consumers.

A great road to succeed!


MAVI de Occidente has stated that the Adobe platform adds greater stability, which has improved their metrics management. The company not only improved speed but also reduced the bounce rate by 50%, increased customer loyalty, and saw a 100% improvement in platform performance, leading to significant sales growth.

Humberto acknowledges that there are many e-commerce platforms available, but it's crucial to offer a personalized shopping flow to customers, aided by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Leveraging these technological algorithms from companies like Adobe is essential to provide a personalized shopping experience. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on personalized sales because it makes a significant difference when a customer is looking for a specific item. Showing items related to the customer's interests and preferences is key. Humberto believes that artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the future of e-commerce and is currently gaining strong momentum.

MAVI de Occidente is convinced that e-commerce is not meant to replace the physical channel but rather to enhance it. However, achieving this will require companies to create a truly omnichannel experience.

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